Watch out for that Banana Skin…

In a series of future articles, we will be looking at the use & misuse of social media, and how social media can help to improve the cyber resilience of your organization – to kick-off that series, this blog on a social media strategy by Alan McGee is well worth a read.

Social Media Strategy “Just forget about it!”

Unfortunately most people do exactly that “Just forget about it’ they don’t think about it or think it is just something your accountant/consultant and good bank managers tell you to do for your business.

Don’t let the lack of Strategy be your Banana Skin

Social media is an important cog in the wheels of your business and without it you can stall, stumble and eventually splutter to a full stop..

This can be where most individuals and organisations fall down flat on their faces or other bits of their anatomy

How important is Strategy? Don’t take it from me, here are two business entrepreneurs I admire, take some time out and read what they have to say..

Michelle Mone OBE

Click the Link to read more about “what not to do”…

I live my life by one simple rule; work hard, and always give something back.”

Sir Richard Branson

Click the link to read more…

“Consider getting smaller in order to get bigger.”

 So where do we start?

With an acronym of course! And what better word than:


 S = specific

What exactly are you hoping to achieve by embracing social media into your business, what are your aims and objectives, two simple words that can have a massive impact on your business success.

What is your business AIM? and what are the key OBJECTIVES that will help you ACHIEVE that AIM ?

 T = targeted

To start with – what are your top 3 targets, finance, growth, more customers, sales, lead generation, brand recognition ?

Start small, take TIME OUT to identify the 3 key areas that will drive your business forward.

 R = realistic

You’re now excited and have settled down, flip chart and pen at the ready, you’re about to conquer the world!

STOP and think are your goals realistic…. lets keep this simple, start with realistic small gains and build on this to bigger and better, while still remaining realistic.

 A = achievable 

Okay you have it now you have marked your target, ready to aim, its realistic, however is it achievable … again stop and think, have you the resources, time skill and expertise at this moment in time to achieve your realistic aims…if the answer is YES then carry on

T = time led

We are on a roll now, and excited about all the things we have decided to do, when are you going to do it, Today? Next week? Next month or when the wind changes direction! We have all been there, motivated and ready to go, however for some that is as far as we get, something gets in the way and normally it’s an excuse, and of course a valid one! NEXT step put a date in the diary and DO IT

 E = entertain, enthuse and entice

You have taken the plunge and done all the right things, you have the right social media tools, tactics and strategy.  But do you have the quality of content to share with your newfound audience.  Of course you have, with a little effort, guidance and support you can do this.  Then you’re off creating great content, advice and guidance to entertain, enthuse and entice your customers to want more

 G = growth

I mean real business growth something you can feel, measure and see, you have put in the hard work. You have taken that leap of faith and added something different to your business mix, a well thought out realistic strategy that ticks all of the above. Then you might even stop and think “why didn’t I do this earlier.

 Y = yours

It’s your Strategy, your business, your ideas, borne of sitting down and focusing on one little word STRATEGY.

So many businesses we have worked with or who come to us, simply don’t think about strategy. For me its the glue that holds everything together, without it you are simply losing the amazing marketing opportunities and branding possibilities that this exciting medium of Social/Digital Media can bring to your business.

DO not leave Strategy to chance, make the EFFORT and the REWARDS will come your way..

Hopefully this article will help you think more about your Strategy, we would only be to happy to help, otherwise ask your trusted consultant, accountant or business consultant to help you get started.

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